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do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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when someone asks if they can borrow your laptop for a second


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Mean Girls cast: Then and Now


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"Dear people of the internet: putting a vintage filter on your photos doesn’t make your lame trip to the supermarket suddenly cooler." - Jade West

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Different Kinds of Readers.

The Devourer:Each book is a snack for this kind of reader--but it doesn't mean that s/he won't enjoy each book just as much.
The Lover:Books read by this kind of reader are read in hidden, stolen moments at the most unexpected times.
The Slow Dancer:Books are a treat that this kind of reader savors. Slow and steady wins this reader's race, as his/her eyes take in and taste each and every word.
The Addict:Books are a conquest to this kind of reader. S/he will buy more books than s/he can read, but s/he will ALWAYS have something to read.
The Classic:Books of the past are a gift to this reader. Prose in the style of early contemporary authors, or stories written long ago, are favorites for this reader.
The Die-Hard:Genres are a way of life for this reader. S/he finds a niche and sticks to it--veering from what s/he knows for short bursts of time.
The Advocate:This reader is a lover of books. S/he is not just a reader, but an advocate of reading--hoping that the future will contain more readers.
What kind of reader are you?


i’m fluent in talking shit

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